What is Web Design

What does web design mean?

Web design is the layout for websites presented on the web. It typically refers to the user-experience aspects of web development, not the development of software. Web design was initially specifically focused on developing websites that were designed for desktop users; However, since the mid-2010s design for tablets and mobile devices is becoming more important.

What does a web designer do?

Web designers focus on the layout, appearance, and in certain cases, the content of a site. For instance, appearance is a function of the colors as well as fonts, images, and colors employed. The layout is the way in which information is organized and categorised. A great web design is simple to use visually appealing and is appropriate for the audience and the brand of the site. Many websites are created with a focus on simplicity, which means there is no additional information or functions that could be confusing or distract users are visible. As the primary element of the work of a web designer is a website that impresses and builds trust with the intended audience, eliminating the most possible sources of user discontent as is possible is an important aspect to take into.

Designing websites for different screen sizes

One of the two commonly used ways to design websites that function well on mobile and desktop includes adaptive as well as responsive design. With responsive designs, the content changes dynamically depending on the screen’s size. In adaptive design, website information is fixed with layouts that correspond to the sizes of screens commonly used. Maintaining a layout that’s as consistent as it can be between devices is vital to ensuring the confidence and engagement of the user. Since responsive design may cause issues in this area designers should be cautious when releasing control over the manner in which their work will be displayed. If they are accountable for the content, too and they’ll need to expand their knowledge but they will also enjoy the benefit of having complete control over the final product.